Patient/Public Research Partnership

We are looking for individuals to join the Patient/Public Research Partnership. Patient/public advisors work in partnership with clinicians, researchers and policymakers to ensure studies focus on patient identified priorities.

The Patient/Public Research Partnership is a way to connect people with lived experience to researchers. The network lets people know about opportunities to collaborate with researchers.

Patient/Public partners receive monthly notification of upcoming studies and update on ongoing studies. Partners are then able to volunteer for the opportunities that best fit their experiences. Time commitment will vary by study.

To join the MPN Patient/Public Research Partnership contact Jennifer Pepneck to express your interest.

Research Projects looking to Partner with Manitobans

Improving patient journeys from hospital to home: Interprofessional teamwork for hospital discharges study

Creating Patient Friendly Colon Cancer Education Materials

Projects Currently in Progress

Putting the Patient Experience at the Centre of Primary Health Care in Manitoba

Meth use in Manitoba—Research Study

Use of Opioids and Psychotropic Medications During Pregnancy: Effect on the Developing Child and Mother

Evaluating Older Adult Care Continuums in Alberta and Manitoba

Visit the Partnership Project Updates page for the latest updates on ongoing and completed projects.