Partnership Project Updates

Virtual Visits and Management of Primary Care in a Pandemic Environment project update

Patient/Public Partners have began meeting with the research team. The project started with the research team and patient partners working together to develop of a patient experience survey. This survey has received approval from the University of Manitoba’s Research Ethics Board and is in the processes of being prepared for electronic distribution at clinics in the upcoming months ahead.

While the electronic platform used to distribute the survey is currently limited in terms of allowing respondents to provide their subjective input (such as written response) to the survey questions, the team plan to incorporate the other methods they will be using in the study to conduct a more in-depth exploration of key topics. These methods include the patients and caregivers focus group sessions, as well as a review of the visit data stored in electronic medical records (currently underway) which offers further insight on the implementation of virtual visits. While the team recognize that there will be other limitations for this study such as equitable access to virtual visits, restricting completion of the survey to those who have online capabilities, and the delivery of the survey in English without translation into other languages, they are prepared to address these limitations in our final report and publication of the results.

Researcher: Dr. Gayle Halas

Improving Health Care Approaches to Weight and Body Size: Addressing weight-related stigma in Health Care Study Update

In February 12 public/patient partners met with the research team to inform the direction of research to address weight-related stigma in health care. The group discussed their experiences – positive and negative – discussing with eating, exercise and weight with health professionals.

Two other groups are still to happen: one with Indigenous people, and one with newcomers to Canada. After these meetings the research team will look at the similarities and differences of experiences to plan the next steps of the research program to meet the diverse needs of Manitobans.

Researcher: Dr. Patty Thille

Patients Experience Accessing RAAM Clinics

Patient partner worked with researcher, Alex Sharp to help improve access to addictions treatment in Manitoba’s Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine (RAAM) Clinics.

Using their lived experience, the patient partner helped focus the studies’ investigation on what is important to patients, particularly in assisting Sharp in the development of the interview questions. The patient partner provided insight and clarification to the study analysis and publications.

The study identified a need for a communication strategy but over all patients who looked for help at a RAAM clinic have a positive experience.

These findings were presented to Member of Legislative Assembly and leaders of RAAM clinics from across the province. After these presentations, brochures were made. These brochures explain what patients can expect when seeking treatment.

Researchers: Alex Sharp and Dr. Gayle Halas