Opportunities To Collaborate With Manitoba Health Researchers

If you would like to collaborate on any of the following projects please email MPN’s Knowledge Broker Jennifer Pepneck (Jennifer.Pepneck@umanitoba.ca) or click the “I’m interested” button below.

Project: Virtual Visits and Management of Primary Care in a Pandemic Environment

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on health care around the world have required changes in the way health care is delivered. Across Manitoba, a key change has been the immediate implementation of virtual care solutions (meaning the delivery of health care by telephone and video) by primary care providers as part of the first-line response to COVID-19. And while virtual care has been a key method for delivering health care to patients, further exploration is needed to determine its ideal use as well as whether and how it remains as a way of providing health consultations.

The purpose of this project is to examine the use of virtual care as a method for primary health care delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A team of researchers in partnership with patients and caregivers will work together to better understand how virtual care has been implemented in practice during the COVID-19 pandemic by primary care providers, as well as the experiences of patients who receive care by virtual visits and their caregivers. To address these aims, information about virtual visits that have been collected and stored in electronic medical records by primary care providers will be examined by members of our research team. Primary care providers across Manitoba will be asked to participate in small group discussions to provide their feedback on how they have implemented virtual care in their practices. Patients and caregivers across Manitoba will be asked to complete an electronic survey, which will include a small number of questions asking them about their experiences of virtual care. Patients and caregivers will also be able to participate in small group discussions aimed at gathering feedback on their experiences of virtual care.

The information collected from all of these activities will be used to achieve a clearer picture of how virtual care has been taken up in Manitoba and by Manitobans. The benefits and challenges of virtual care will help determine how it can be best supported for continued use in the future while keeping the required distancing needed to reduce COVID-19. The recommendations from this project will be made available to the health care practice community and to the public, as well as those involved in developing policies to maintain quality primary care during the pandemic and beyond. 

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