Opportunities To Collaborate With Manitoba Health Researchers

If you or someone you know would be interested in collaborating on this study or would like more information please contact Jennifer Pepneck.

Creating Patient Friendly Colon Cancer Education Materials

CancerCare Manitoba’s Screening Programs are looking for public partners to help create colon cancer educational materials. These educational materials are intended for Manitobans ages 50-74 as part of the ColonCheck program.

Meetings will be held at 25 Sherbrook Street (across from the Misercordia Hospital). Webinar and teleconference can be arranged for those who cannot meet in person.

If you or someone know is ages 50-74 and is interested in sharing their opinion on ColonCheck program materials please click on the “I’m interested” button below to contact the coordinator.

Time Commitment: 2-4 meetings anticipated | 2 hours per meeting | starting December 2019 and wrapping up March 2020

Project Lead: CancerCare Manitoba Screening Programs

Improving patient journeys from hospital to home: Interprofessional teamwork for hospital discharges study

Have you or your family member been in hospital for an unexpected and/or chronic illness? Do you have things to say about your or your family members’ experience of going home from hospital? If so, we want your help as a patient or caregiver research partner to improve people’s experience going and staying home from the hospital.

By collaborating with researchers on this project, you will ensure that the voices of the patients are reflected in the research.

Compensation and reimbursement for transportation provided.

Time Commitment: 6 workshops over 1 year | 2-3 hours per workshop | extra training as desired by the patient or caregiver researcher between workshops | starting late 2019/early 2020

Researcher: Dr. Cara Brown

Projects currently in progress

Putting the Patient Experience at the Centre of Primary Health Care in Manitoba

Meth use in Manitoba—Research Study

Use of Opioids and Psychotropic Medications During Pregnancy: Effect on the Developing Child and Mother

Evaluating Older Adult Care Continuums in Alberta and Manitoba

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