Presentations and Projects

Here you can find our past presentations and projects.

1. These are the slides from CIHR’s webinar providing information for the upcoming PIHCI Network Programmatic Grant funding opportunity.  The complete instructions are on ResearchNet HERE.

2. SPOR-PIHCI Network presentations from the pre-CAHSPR conference day in Toronto, Ontario

3. In April we held a Network Forum on engaging policymakers and patients/public effectively and appropriately. We would like to give a warm thanks to both Carolyn Shimmin, Patient Engagement expert of CHI’s  Knowledge Translation team, and Marcia Thomson, Assistant Deputy Minister of Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living for their presentations. Below you can view Carolyn’s presentation and on SlideShare. – to see more of her work on patient engagement and to learn more about knowledge translation at CHI, please check out the blog Knowledge Nudge here. If you would like more information, helpful tools or advice about patient/public engagement in research, please contact Carolyn Shimmin at:

4. In March 2017 we presented at CHI’s open house and informed the public, policy actors, researchers and clinicians what MPN is all about!

5. In January 2017 we held a forum to analyze our proposed ideas and how they fit or could be revised within the CIHR SPOR PIHCI requirements.