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Manitoba PIHCI Network Primary Healthcare Research Partnership Award


The purpose of the MPN Primary Healthcare Research Partnership Award is to promote new research collaborations in the development of patient-oriented research projects focused on primary and integrated health care. MPN will be a facilitator and resource for the development of teams and initiatives.

Patient-oriented research, which is foundational to evidence-informed health care, refers to a continuum of research that engages patients as partners, focuses on patient-identified priorities and improves patient outcomes. This research, conducted by multidisciplinary teams in partnership with relevant stakeholders, aims to apply the knowledge generated to improve healthcare systems and practices.

Eligibility and Requirements

Both teams and individuals are eligible to apply, however at least one team member must have a university appointment in Manitoba (i.e. affiliation with an academic institution eligible to receive and administer funds). Applicants must plan to create relationships or collaborations as part of their project idea. This funding is not intended to support continuing programs or projects, and the principal applicant must not have received funding from a national agency as the primary investigator. Individuals who are in the early stages of their research programs are encouraged to apply.

Project proposals can be for seed grants for original and innovative projects; developmental grants to defray the costs associated with the preparation of large-scale research initiatives for which research support from the Tri-Agencies is being sought; or, small-scale projects that aim to inform health policy.

Proposed projects must be patient oriented in nature, and must focus on primary and integrated healthcare, and aim to improve the health of Manitobans.

It is recommended that applicants attend the MPN Primary Healthcare Research Partnership Award webinar prior to submitting a proposal for this competition.

Applicants are encouraged to include a senior researcher on their team who is willing to act in a mentorship role.

Award Categories

The MPN Primary Healthcare Research Partnership Award has two award categories:

  1. Research and Team Development (maximum funding of $3,000 per application);
  2. Practice Innovation (maximum funding of $7,000 per application).

Research teams that have received the Research and Team Development are eligible to later apply for the Practice Innovation award.

Nature of Support

The MPN Primary Healthcare Research Partnership Award supports researchers in developing new collaborations as they build their research skills and capacity.

  • Such support includes (but is not limited to) the following:
  • Patient engagement activities (patient compensation, travel etc.)
  • Professional stipends (for those not on the research team)
  • Travel for research team members (health guidelines permitting)
  • Support staff salaries

This award does not provide funding for:

  • Student stipends
  • Travel for end-of-grant knowledge translation
  • Basic infrastructure such as phones or computers (however short-term data contracts may be eligible)
Evaluation Process and Criteria

Applications will be reviewed jointly by members of the MPN Building Research Capacity Committee and members of the MPN’s Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee. Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Proposal quality and originality
  • Extent to which the work is patient-oriented and consistent with the award purpose and criteria
  • The collaborative nature of the work
  • The proposal addresses the inclusions as outlined in the section, Requirements for the Research Proposal

Reviewer preparation session will be held to familiarize reviewers with the review process and matrix. The Advisory Committee will review with the lens of ensuring the project is patient and caregiver focused. Committee members to have the option to review as individuals with lived experience. In these instances another Committee member will join the review to ensure the project is patient and caregiver focused.

Competition Deadline

This is an open competition, where applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until all funding has been awarded. Application review will be done in batches.

Conditions of the Award

All funded projects are expected to be completed within a year from the funding approval date. Successful applicants will be required to submit a final study report to MPN within 3 months of project completion.

All written reports, oral presentations, blog posts, news press, and publications (even those after funding period) must include a statement that acknowledges MPN. A copy of each must be sent MPN.

Promotional material, such as photos or project description, may be solicited to include on our MPN website, social media channels and other MPN reports.

The project team agrees to comply with the evaluation framework proposed by the MPN Research Capacity Building Committee and its subsequent evaluation activities (i.e. interviews with team members, surveys). The evaluation framework aims to generate research knowledge about the capacity building activities and will be included in MPN’s evaluation reporting requirements.

Extensions will be considered on a case by cases bases for extenuating circumstances.

Preparation of the Proposal

Proposals must be prepared as follows:

  • Be a maximum of 3 pages in length
  • Font must be 12 pts
  • Margins should be set at a minimum of 3/4”
  • Attachments: The description of your proposed research must not exceed three pages. You may include an additional two pages for references, but no further attachments will be accepted
  • A narrative style should be used, with headings included for the sake of clarity
  • A webinar will be held to orientate potential applicants to the award and application process
Requirements for the Research Proposal

While the content and organization of the proposal may vary according to the nature of the project, certain inclusions must be covered in the proposal. They include:

  • Objectives of the research, including its relationship to existing research and literature
  • Potential theoretical and practical significance of the proposed research
  • Theoretical/conceptual framework guiding the research and where applicable, the research hypothesis
  • Description of team members and planned collaborations
  • Description of patient engagement
  • Methods and procedures to be used and the resources that are required, with particular emphasis on those for which funding is sought/are included in the budget
  • A section the speaks to how this project will contribute to other projects in the future, including the implications for future work
Additional Required Documents for the Application
  • Research Project Budget
  • Lay project summary

Webinar: Manitoba PIHCI Network Primary Healthcare Research Partnership Award

February 18 noon- 1:00pm

This webinar reviewed the award categories, who can apply, how to apply and the review process for this award.

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