Building Primary Health Care Research Capacity in Manitoba

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Webinar: Manitoba PIHCI Network Primary Healthcare Research Partnership Award

This webinar reviewed the award categories, who can apply, how to apply and the review process for this award.

Supporting Researchers in Building Their Community Engagement Capacity

July 13, 2020

Unsure of how to start engaging community partners in research? Would you like to hear from others who have engaged community members? During this webinar we discussed lessons learned from ongoing community engagement, tips on how to start effectively engaging community members in research, and collaboration between researchers, policy-makers and those who receive health care to effectively improve health care.

Expanding Research Partnerships- Working Across Physical Distance

May 11, 2020

This discussion focuses on the future of public engagement in Primary Care Research in Manitoba.

Building Primary Health Care Research Capacity in Manitoba online discussion
Mar 31, 2020

This discussion focused on the first phase of implementation of the recommendations made by the patients/community partners, researchers, clinicians, and policy-makers that attended the November 2019 Building Primary Health Care Research Capacity in Manitoba workshop.

November 2019 Workshop

The primary care sector has been undergoing significant changes in Manitoba and Canada in the last 15 years, impacting service delivery and creating knowledge gaps in many areas, as stakeholders across the system seek to optimize integrated, patient-oriented care. Primary health care attends to broader determinants of health, both within primary care, and externally to it.

Addressing these gaps requires research capacity building activities within teams and organizations with an interest in primary care and health research.

November 21 and 22 the primary health care research community and key stakeholders in Manitoba came together to develop an action plan to build and strengthen primary care and research capacity in Manitoba. Including next steps and identifying supports needed to sustain and further research activities and connections.

Materials and reports from the meeting will be posted here as they become available.

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November 21 & 22, 2019 Materials