Wanted: Manitobans interested in influencing primary healthcare research

The Manitoba SPOR PIHCI Network (MPN) is seeking individuals to join the MPN Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee and Patient/Public Engagement Network. In both roles advisors work in partnership with clinicians, researchers and policymakers to ensure studies focus on patient identified priorities.

MPN Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee

The MPN Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee is a group of about 10 Manitobans. Members ensure MPN considers the needs of the patients and their caregivers.

The group meet three times a year. Each meeting runs for approximately two hours. Members of the MPN Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee are also network members.

Patient/Public Engagement Network

The Patient/Public Engagement Network is a way to connect researchers and people with lived experience. The network lets people know about opportunities to partner with researchers.

Network members receive emails listing upcoming studies. Members are then able to volunteer for the opportunities that best fit their experiences. Time commitment will vary by study.

How can I get involved?

To join the MPN Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee or Patient/ Public Engagement Network please fill out the form below or contact Jennifer Pepneck to express your interest.

Jennifer Pepneck
Email: Jennifer_Pepneck@cpe.umanitoba.ca
Phone: 204-789-3445

MPN’s website

Welcome to the Manitoba Primary and Integrated Healthcare Innovation Network website!

MPN’s goal is to facilitate collaboration between practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in order to enhance primary care innovation research projects.

We hope that by using this website, you find connections with stakeholders of similar research interests. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!