About MPN


Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) is about ensuring that the right patient receives the right intervention at the right time.

The pan-Canadian SPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations (PIHCI) is a key CIHR initiative designed to support evidence-informed health system transformation.


The Manitoba SPOR PIHCI Network (MPN) supports an alignment of people, resources and opportunities from multiple sectors and jurisdictions that contributes to the development and implementation of evidence to accelerate and sustain transformation in primary and integrated health care.

The MPN is well positioned to be the integrator that will help overcome potential challenges to collaboration. The MPN will provide a formalized infrastructure that connects, aligns and coordinates the efforts and actions of people, resources, and opportunities from multiple sectors within research, policy and practice.


Health system efficiency, better patient experiences and optimal individual and population health across the age and care continuum.


Through the numerous discussions and workshops with stakeholders and members to date, MPN has developed the following objectives:

1) To nurture and sustain a coordinated, dynamic, and responsive network created from the input and feedback of its members representing policy, clinical, and research organizations in Manitoba;

2) To facilitate opportunities for members across health policy, clinical, and research sectors to form teams that are collaborative and inclusive and will explore, implement or scale up cost-effective and innovative approaches to integrated health care services;

3) To expand upon the progress made in the development of cross-jurisdictional relationships with other provincial SPOR PIHCI networks across Canada to deliver projects (i.e., Quick Strike and multi-year medium/long term projects) for complex populations across the age continuum  (i.e., from children to older adults);

4)  To create opportunities for authentic patient engagement in a combined effort to achieve a significant, equitable and sustained impact on the health of the population;

5) To incorporate mechanisms in a comprehensive evaluation plan to continually evaluate the MPN’s progress towards the achievement of its objectives.


The MPN infrastructure will build upon Manitoba’s commitment to multi-sectoral collaboration and a record of initiatives targeting system integration and change. We will be able to strategically connect individuals and resources that will contribute to evidence-informed improvement.

The development of MPN will nurture an environment that solidifies integration, knowledge exchange and ultimately help build capacity in Manitoba to engage in patient-centered research and provide evidence based primary and integrated healthcare innovations. We are committed to addressing the continuum of health needs, from the social determinants of health to the prevention of disease to the integration of primary, secondary, tertiary and chronic care. MPN has brought together a robust group which demonstrates the interest and desire to collaborate across research, policy and practice within Manitoba and across national jurisdictions.  We are actively involved in meetings and discussions with SPOR PIHCI Networks in other provinces and look forward to collaborating on multiple projects currently in development and in future.

For more information on The Manitoba SPOR-PIHCI Network, please visit http://chimb.ca/manitoba_spor_pihci_network,

For more information on Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) please visit http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/41204.html.
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